Grundy County court revokes probation of Trenton man

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At a hearing in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court, Trenton resident Corey Allen Hines admitted to probation violations and saw his probation revoked by the court.

Special Judge Matthew Krohn sentenced Hines to five years with the Department of Corrections. Online docket information indicates that, after further consideration, the court decided to continue probation, requiring Hines to report to the Healing House Program in Kansas City. Upon successfully completing the treatment program, proof must be provided to the court.

He is also required to follow conditions set by the Office of Probation and Parole.

After the court appearance, Hines was remanded to the custody of the sheriff until an admittance date at the Healing House or until further order of the court. The case was continued until January 11.

Hines’s original charge in Grundy County was felony second-degree domestic assault from October 31, 2022. He had pleaded guilty to the charge during a court appearance in January of this year.

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