Grundy County Commission accepts bids on rock, concrete and mowing

Grundy County Courthouse Trenton Missouri

The Grundy County Commission accepted various bids on March 23rd.

All CART rock bids submitted were accepted. The bids were from Norris Quarries LLC, Trager Limestone, and Flory’s Rock and Lime, LLC for various types of rock. The prices vary for each company.

Jamesport Concrete’s bid for concrete was accepted. It was the only bid submitted. It was for $145 per cubic yard of eight-bag mix and $135 per cubic yard of six-bag mix. The bid included any added mixture needed and a minimum charge of $500 per order.

The Grundy County Commission accepted a bid for mowing from Midwest Lawn Care and Wood Sales. It was the lowest complete bid out of five bids. It was for $50 per mowing for the courthouse lawn, $70 for the Road and Bridge lot, $80 for the Bethel Cemetery, and $40 each for the prosecuting attorney’s office, law enforcement center, and Wynne and Sires cemeteries. The total is $360 per mowing.