Grundy County Circuit Court news for Thursday, September 10, 2020

Crime and Courts

Two individuals received prison terms, then were placed on probation during Thursday’s session of Grundy County Circuit Court Division One.

Jeremiah Lynn Burnett (no address given online) pleaded guilty to three felony counts and one misdemeanor stemming from incidents July 16th in rural Grundy County. Burnett was sentenced by Judge Thomas Alley to a five-year prison term for first-degree burglary; a four-year term for second-degree burglary; and a four-year term for first-degree property damage. The terms were to be served concurrently.

The judge suspended the execution of the prison sentences and placed Burnett on five years probation. On a charge of second degree tampering with a vehicle, Burnett was sentenced to 35 days in the county jail and given credit for time served. Burnett also is to pay restitution of $1,395.00 and complete a Salvation Army treatment program.

Trenton resident Jason Edward Clay pleaded guilty to a felony count of unlawful possession of a firearm. Clay was sentenced to six years with the department of corrections. Execution of the sentence was stayed and Clay was placed on five years probation. He also was ordered to serve 120 days “shock” incarceration at the Grundy county law enforcement center with credit given for time served in jail.

A Galt resident, Melissa Brill, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of drug possession. The imposition of sentence was suspended and she was placed on five years probation. A third felony count involving drug paraphernalia was dismissed.

A Chicago resident, Pierre Celestine, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana / synthetic cannabinoid or ten grams or less. Celestine was sentenced to three months in the county jail. Execution of that sentence was suspended and he was placed on two years probation. Celestine also is to donate $300 to the law enforcement restitution fund. Dismissed was one count of fraudulently attempting to obtain a controlled substance.

Admitting to probation violations but having their probations continue with additional conditions were Brandon Tyler May of Coffey and Erick James Wattenbarger of Trenton. The original charge for May involved felony stealing. The original charges for Wattenbarger involved the delivery of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.