Green Hills Wellness Challenge winners announced

Wellness Challenge

The 12th Annual Green Hills Wellness Challenge had it’s final weigh-in last Thursday, April 4th and Friday, April 5th.

The Grundy County Health Department reports 23 participants obtained 10% or greater weight loss from their initial weigh in. The individuals in the top five with the highest percentage of weight loss were Tona Crawford with 16 and a half percent, Colbi Kirk 14 and a quarter percent, Linda Buckner 13.9%, Jodi Barron 12.17%, and Doug Crawford with 12.15%.

Each of the participants obtaining 10% or greater weight loss won a cash prize of $101, which the health department notes is the largest amount ever won in Wellness Challenge history.

The prize money came from a $1,500 donation from the health department and a portion of each participant’s $10 entry fee. Prize money can be picked up at the Grundy County Health Department of Trenton from April 15th through 30th.

Four participants also were drawn for keeping a food and exercise journal. Jodi Barron and Julie Stafford each won a one-year subscription to the Trenton Republican-Times. Shawn McCullough and D. J. Hopkins each won a one-year membership to the Ketcham Community Center of Trenton.

The Green Hills Wellness Challenge was sponsored by the Grundy County Health Department in partnership with the Republican Times, Ketcham Community Center, Hy-Vee, and the University of Missouri Extension.

The health department will be closed the morning of April 17th from 8:30 to 10:30 for a staff meeting as well as April 19th in observance of Good Friday.