Trenton R-9 Board of Education accepts six resignations and hires nine

Trenton High School

Information from an executive session of the Trenton R-9 Board of Education last night shows six resignations were accepted and nine hirings were approved.

Resignations were accepted from teachers Jamee Greener at the elementary school and from Amy Franklin and Jeremy Austin at the high school. Brian Upton resigned duties as the girls’ basketball coach. Two paraprofessionals also are resigning: Janet Jordan at the elementary school and Valerie Kitchen at the high school.

The employments include Brian Sager for high school science; Taylor Ormsby for high school counselor; and Caitlin McNabb as an elementary school teacher. Others hired included Kevin Hixson for the head football coach, assisting wrestling coach, and the weight room instructor for the high school program. Employed as speech teachers were Terri Figg, Jackie Hoffman, and Mary Ellen Kincaid. Two current teachers, John Cowling and Jackie Price were selected as assistant principal for the high school and middle school respectively. Socha Osborn was hired as a paraprofessional at the elementary school. Former teacher and director of supportive services at Trenton, Dennis Gutshall, was employed as a consultant for the upcoming building project.

Kameron Cool was hired as the girls head basketball coach. Pam Bowden will be the head coach for high school volleyball. Cheerleader sponsors are Adriane Todd for football and Lauren Boswell for basketball. Other extra duty jobs include Tyler Busick and Greg Dalrymple as senior and junior class sponsors.