Grand River Welding Institute to hold welding competition

Grand River Welding Institute

The Grand River Welding Institute in Brookfield will hold a welding competition next month. High school juniors will compete on March 25th, and high school seniors will compete on March 26th. The competition begins at 6 o’clock in the morning on both days.

All competitors will receive a $2,000 scholarship towards a Grand River Welding Institute training course. First place will receive a full scholarship to the welding institute and a Miller CST 280 welding machine. Second place will receive a $12,000 scholarship to the institute and a CST 280 welding machine. Third place will win a $6,000 scholarship and a fiber metal welding hood with an auto-darkening lens.

Participants must bring safety glasses, a welding hood, and gloves. There is a $15 registration fee.

Registration, rules, and regulations for the welding competition on March 25th and 26th can be found on the Grand River Welding Institute website or by calling 660-258-9353.

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