Governor Mike Parson to be keynote speaker at Great Northwest Day at the Capitol event

Great Northwest Day

Missouri Governor Mike Parson will kick off the Great Northwest Day at the Capitol event as the keynote speaker during a luncheon at the 20th Annual Great Northwest Day at the Capitol in Jefferson City, Tuesday, February 1.

As legislators begin a new session in Jefferson City, citizens of Northwest Missouri have been preparing to be sure their voices are heard. Through an extensive process, the GNW Steering Committee has gathered and prioritized issues facing the region.

One of the many strengths of Great Northwest Day at the Capitol is how the steering committee collects and prioritizes issues and concerns that impact the entire northwest region. “The Great Northwest Day committee takes extensive measures in gathering information on the issues that faces our communities and that benefit the region as a whole,” said Annette Weeks, 2022 Steering Committee Chair. “Collaborating and speaking as a unified voice has proven to be powerful.”

Here are the top Great Northwest Day priorities for the 2022 legislative session (in no particular order):

Childcare: Access to affordable, safe, and reliable childcare is essential for the growth of Missouri’s economy. We encourage lawmakers to incentivize investment, lessen burdensome regulation with the intent of keeping our children’s best interests in mind. 

Education: The future of Missouri’s economy is directly tied to the quality of its students. We support efforts for continued investment in Missouri’s public schools and institutions of technical and higher education. 

Broadband: In today’s marketplace, reliable and high-speed internet is necessary for agriculture and small businesses to compete. We support ongoing investment in the buildout of broadband internet to rural Missourians. 

Infrastructure: Safe and reliable infrastructure is essential to the health and wealth of our region. Great Northwest Day encourages lawmakers to invest in our rural region’s roads, bridges, water, and wastewater projects – vital keys to the economic future of northwest Missouri.

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