Division One of Grundy County court sees busy docket; Judge hands down prison sentences

Crime and Courts

The judge saw a busy docket on Thursday in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court.

Trenton resident Tommy Joe Graham pleaded guilty to manufacture of a controlled substance within two thousand feet or a school or college. Graham was sentenced to six years with the Missouri department of corrections. Execution of the prison sentence was stayed and Graham was placed on five years probation. Three other felony counts were dismissed by the prosecution.

Probation was revoked for a resident of Galt, Thomas Blake Dalton, whose original charge was attempted sexual abuse in the first degree. Dalton was sentenced to seven years with the Missouri Department of Corrections. The court retains jurisdiction for 120 days.

Sweet Springs resident Peter Ulberg will serve time in prison after probation was revoked on two counts of criminal non-support. Ulberg received four years on both counts with the terms to run concurrently in conjunction with a prison sentence issued in Saline County.

Trenton resident Michael Lee Puckett was sentenced to four years in the department of corrections after having probation revoked stemming from an original felony charge of driving while intoxicated, persistent offender.

Probation was revoked for Austin Lee Frisbie of St. Joseph on an original drug possession charge. Frisbie was sentenced to three years with Department of Corrections.

Probation was revoked for Excelsior Springs resident, Joshua Phillips, on an original charge of criminal non-support. Phillips was sentenced to a three-year term with the Department of Corrections.

Former Trenton resident Emily Marie Hendee of Bonne Terre saw her probation revoked on two felony counts of passing bad checks. She was sentenced to terms of five years with the department of corrections. Execution of the sentences was stayed and the court placed her on five years probation. Ms. Hendee is required to pay restitution of $1,389.

Probation also was revoked for Jeremiah Clayton Lovell of Trenton on an original charge of property damage, second degree. Lovell was sentenced to six months in the county jail. Execution of the sentence was stay and he was placed on two years probation and ordered to pay restitution and court costs.

The circuit court issued suspended sentences for five other defendants who faced various charges.

A charge against Keylee Erika Vestal of Trenton was amended Thursday to felony harassment in the first degree. She was placed on five years probation, assessed $300 payable to the Grundy County Law Enforcement Fund, and to obtain a mental health assessment and follow its recommendations.

Bryce Raylan Farmer of Trenton received five years probation on two felony counts of possessing a controlled substance. Farmer was ordered to make restitution of $595, pay $300 dollars to the Grundy County Law Enforcement Fund, and successfully complete the third circuit court treatment program.

Milan resident Ricky Gene Banner received five years probation on a drug possession charge which he pleaded guilty to last month. Banner is to pay $300 to the Grundy County Law Enforcement Fund.

Chillicothe resident Joseph Martin Herrity the third and Trenton resident Tony Stanley were both placed on five years probation. Herrity has a drug possession conviction from last month. Stanley pleaded guilty yesterday to a drug-influenced charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

Rodney Brantley of Trenton pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and was sentenced to 28 days in the county jail, assessed the costs of incarceration and for the crime victims compensation fund.

Probation was continued, but additional conditions were imposed for several others defendants following their hearings Thursday. They include Robert Eugene Ewing of Trenton, Steven Kyle Johnson of Trenton, Lynn Dean Shipley of Gallatin, Michael Ray Oesch of Mercer, and Javier Hernandez of Kansas City.