Community of Galt advances with water system improvement plans

Galt, Missouri
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The Galt Board of Aldermen conducted a one-year evaluation for City Clerk Mercedes Scobee on January 17. She received an overall excellent rating and a 50-cent raise. A key goal for the coming year is to continue participating in training opportunities.

A draft of the election ballot was presented. Incumbents Lewis Berry and Jay Blackburn are seeking re-election for a two-year term. The ballot will also include a question regarding the franchise tax, along with an informational sheet about the tax presented to the board.

The franchise tax proposal asks whether the City of Galt should set a fixed rate for existing franchise and business license taxes and extend these taxes to cover other utility and service providers. This would include electric, telephone, and telecommunications companies, at a rate of five percent of gross receipts.

Scobee announced that the budget for the next six months will be presented at the upcoming month’s meeting.

She inquired if the board had observed any changes in dog-related incidents and whether a thank-you note should be issued. Berry reported a second dog attack and noted no significant changes.

Engineer Joshua Stewart was unable to attend the meeting but provided an update for the board.

Galt is progressing with the design plans and specifications for water system improvements.

The city is finalizing property documentation for the tower pump station and valve improvements on residents’ property. Additional work will be conducted within the city’s right of way. Environmental clearances for the project will be submitted soon. The engineer and city maintenance is preparing a list for hydrant and valve replacements, with the city budgeting for 10 valve replacements and eight hydrant replacements in total.

120Water is researching to identify and eliminate any redundant service connections from infield verification efforts planned for this spring and summer. This will enable Galt to finalize its inventory by the October deadline.

Jared Axtell from the maintenance department reported that the plow truck is functioning well and has effectively managed snow removal on city streets.

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