Chillicothe police respond to two DUI incidents on Thursday

Drunk Driving or DWI or Driving While Inntoxicated News Graphic
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The Chillicothe Police Department responded to two separate incidents involving vehicles on December 21st, resulting in both drivers being arrested.

Early in the morning, officers near the intersection of Highway 65 and Highway 36 observed a vehicle veering off an on-ramp and into a ditch. Responding to the scene, officers checked on the driver’s well-being. Medics also arrived to assess the driver, who claimed to be unharmed.

Sergeant Preston Sandner noted that the driver exhibited signs of impairment. Following an on-scene investigation, she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI). She was later released with citations.

In a separate incident on the evening of December 21st, Chillicothe Police were called to the intersection of Third and Locust Streets due to a single-vehicle accident. According to Sandner, the vehicle had collided with a utility pole, rendering it inoperable.

The sergeant reported that the driver also appeared to be under the influence. An investigation led to his arrest for alleged DUI and property damage. He, too, was later released with citations.

The names of the individuals were not released by athorities.

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