Chillicothe FIre Department responds to rural brush fire on Sunday

Fire Truck

In the mid to late afternoon of Sunday, the Chillicothe Fire Department worked at extinguishing a brush fire on LIV Road 232. The owner was listed as John Cole of 14748 LIV Road 232.

Upon arrival just before 4 o’clock, smoke was seen. A bystander said four people were working on trying to contain the fire. Instructions were given as to how to get to the blaze. Utility vehicles were unloaded and headed to the scene and it was noted a majority of the fire had crossed onto the neighbor’s land.

Chillicothe firefighters sprayed water at the timber’s edge and began to make a fire line at the head of the blaze. Approximately 200 gallons of water were used.

While most of the fire was out, some logs were still smoldering, and the landowner stated he would watch for flareups. The fire department quoted the owner as believing the fire started from a flare-up of a brush pile he had burned three weeks ago.

Chillicothe firefighters were at the rural scene for nearly one and a half hours on Sunday.

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