Audio: Using plastic to pay for marijuana could soon be allowed in Missouri

Closeup image of hands holding and showing credit cards
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(Missourinet) – Using plastic to pay for marijuana could soon be allowed in Missouri. Since marijuana is not legalized at the federal level, banks and credit card companies typically won’t allow a credit card for cannabis purchases. But the Missouri Legislature passed a bill this year that would change this. St. Louis Senator Steven Roberts says his bill aims to protect the finances of Missouri’s marijuana businesses because government red tape has them stuck from being able to use banks.



“The lack of banking creates a public safety issue since it’s primarily a cash business. And without banking, there’s no safe way really to secure the cash or transport it. You know, you’d have criminals knowing that these are organizations that have a lot of hard cash on hand. So you know, and that way I do see it as a public safety measure as well,” he says.

Cannabis shops would also be allowed to keep their cash in bank and money accounts without getting in trouble with the federal government. 

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