Audio: United Hog Systems withdraws permit application to build CAFO in Livingston County

Typical pen style CAFO ( Photo by Darrell Hoemann - Investigate Midwest)
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United Hog Systems, LLC has withdrawn its permit application to build a concentrated animal feeding operation in northern Livingston County. Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas says the Livingston County Commission got word April 14th from the Department of Natural Resources.

Douglas explains United Hog originally applied for a CAFO in February 2020 but withdrew that application. A few weeks later it applied for a bigger operation that would have more hogs.

Douglas is unsure what the company withdrawing another application means and says he does not know why the application was withdrawn; however, there were “a lot of issues.”



There was also a concern with DNR changing some rules.



Douglas notes that if United Hog would submit another permit, it would have to start the process over with DNR and the Livingston County Commission.

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