Chillicothe City Council extends job offers to three police officers; approves ordinance relating to property purchase

City of Chillicothe Website

Information has been released from executive sessions of the Chillicothe City Council.

An ordinance was approved on March 18th authorizing an employment agreement with Darin Chappell. City Clerk Roze Frampton explains City Administrator Chappell’s contract was renewed for three years with an automatic one-year extension after that, so it will go through March 31st, 2025.

Conditional job offers were given to Xavier Stein, Collin Goodsell, and Joshua Charlton on March 29th to be full-time police officers. The offers were contingent upon successful completion of the police academy and passing a physical. Frampton notes that as long as they pass the academy and physicals by June 19th, they could start June 20th.

The Chillicothe City Council approved an ordinance in an executive session on April 12th authorizing a contract with Jeffery and Teresa Foli in regard to the purchase by the city of property at 624 Cherry Street for $15,900. Frampton says the city plans to demolish the structure on the property and have it available if the police department expands someday.

Toby Calivere was promoted as the new full-time airport manager. He was appointed as the full-time assistant airport manager after the death of former Airport Manager Bill Kieffer.

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