Audio: United Cooperative President talking with northwest Missouri farmers about growing hemp

Tractor mowing hemp on hemp farm

Tiger Fiber is breaking ground on a hemp processing plant near St. Louis and is looking at possible locations for a processing plant in northwest Missouri.

Selby says hemp could become a great new cash crop for northwest Missouri farmers.



United Cooperatives of Plattsburg and Osborn has made an investment in Tiger Fiber, which is breaking ground on a hemp processing plant in St. Louis and is considering building a plant in northwest Missouri.

United Cooperatives President Richard Selby says he has been busy talking to farmers about the possibility of growing hemp.



Selby says hemp poses some problems for farmers, primarily because it is such a thick, dense crop. He says it has a wide variety of uses, from clothing to building material.

Hemp grew throughout northwest Missouri during and after the Civil War with Platte County being one of the biggest producers in the late 19th Century.