Audio: U.S. and Missouri flags mark the way as Missouri Day Festival parade entries vie for prizes

Missouri Day Festival Sign News Graphic

Flags of the U.S. and Missouri will adorn some streets in Trenton during the Missouri Day Festival on October 20th and 21st.

The Trenton Rotary Club is responsible for displaying the flags, which will mark the Missouri Day parade route on Main and East 9th Streets.

Brian Upton, a spokesman for the Rotary committee, discussed the flags during his appearance on KTTN’s Open Line:



Entries for the parade will be judged by a Rotary Club committee during the Missouri Day Festival in Trenton on October 21st. Diane Lowrey coordinates the judges who will evaluate entries across several categories.

Daniel Gott, a member of the Rotary Club’s Missouri Day committee, informed that the parade winners will be awarded a framed photo of their entry:



Political candidates or entries with a political theme are required to pay a fee of $25.

Winners will be invited to a subsequent Trenton Rotary Club meeting to receive their framed photo.

Kristi Harris, another member of the Rotary Club, stated that candy can be handed out to spectators by participants walking the parade route, but it should not be thrown from the entry itself:



High school marching bands will also participate in the parade on October 21st.