Audio: Turning hog waste into energy in northern Missouri and southern Iowa

Smithfield Hog Farm with holding pond

(Missourinet) – An effort to enhance environmentally friendly agricultural practices recently received an $80 million boost in northern Missouri and southern Iowa.

Roeslein Alternative Energy of Unionville, Missouri, secured the grant with the help of Iowa State University. Roeslein spokesman Brandon Butler says the company has been capturing energy from livestock waste since its inception in 2012.



“We’re able to, again, tarp over those lagoons, capture all those gases, bring them to a centralized gas purification skid that we manufacture. Then we separate those molecules. We upgrade the methane to natural gas, called Renewable Natural Gas or RNG,” Butler explains.

Butler adds that the RNG is then directly injected into the natural gas grid. The $80 million USDA grant will be supplemented with $4.7 million in local funds.