Audio: The Parson administration seems to be laying the groundwork for the funding of Medicaid Expansion.

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

Missouri’s GOP-controlled Legislature has refused to provide money to add more people to the state’s Medicaid program, but the governor seems to be preparing for the voter-approved expansion.



The St. Louis Post Dispatch says in a proposed rule change filed with the Missouri Secretary of State’s office, the Department of Social Services is seeking to expand the program to adults between ages 19 and 64. The addition of that age group would address changes endorsed by 53% of the state’s voters in August 2020 that would allow as many as 275,000 low-income Missourians to receive health care benefits through Mo HealthNet. It would give medical providers the ability to begin enrolling people earning under $18,000 per year beginning July 1st.

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