Audio: Parson responds to full House and Senate committee rejecting his Medicaid expansion funding request

Medicaid Expansion in Missouri

The Missouri House and the Senate Appropriations Committee have voted against Governor Parson’s request to fund Medicaid expansion. Parson, a Republican, asked for more than 100-million dollars to fund the voter-approved measure that would allow other 275-thousand low-income adults to become eligible for government-funded healthcare.

During a press conference at the Missouri Capitol, Governor Parson says he will wait to see what the outcome will be in the legislature.



On a tie vote, the Senate Appropriations Committee rejected a compromise proposal this week that would have funded Medicaid expansion on a smaller scale. Governor Parson says he put the expansion funding in his budget request because the majority of voters backed the measure.



Next week, the full Senate is expected to take up the 34-billion dollar state operating budget proposal.