Audio: Northern Missouri lawmaker warns about shortage of gas stations near Missouri-Iowa border; says It’s a safety issue

Gas Stations or car-vehicle filling with gas

A state lawmaker who represents four northern Missouri counties is warning about the lack of gas stations near the Missouri-Iowa border. Newtown State Representative Danny Busick, the Missouri House Special Committee on Small Business vice chair, says regulations make it difficult to operate small gas stations.



But Busick tells our Moberly affiliate KWIX that gas stations in those towns like Humphreys, Powersville, and Newtown have closed in recent years. He says drivers can run out of gas and that it’s a safety issue. He wants the government to allow the gas stations to be grandfathered to other owners.

Busick drives past SIX towns that have gas stations that have closed in recent years.



Busick reiterated that regulations make it too difficult to operate small, rural gas stations. He says some of the gas stations that have closed were operated by families who have died. He says those stations were grandfathered in and that they should be grandfathered in again, to another owner.