Audio: Missouri Senator Roy Blunt on inauguration, President Trump and Josh Hawley

Senator Roy Blunt

Senator Roy Blunt is the chair of the presidential inaugural committee and learned today that President Trump will not attend.



Blunt told Missourinet that Pence stepped up this week and did what the Constitution required. Pence refused to go along with President Trump’s demand that he stop the electoral count as he presided over the Senate

Senator Roy Blunt still says Trump had some responsibility for Wednesday’s attacks on the Capitol



Blunt, however, says efforts to impeach the president are as fruitless as Senator Cruz and Hawley’s attempts to change the election.



We asked Senator Blunt about the fate of Missouri’s Josh Hawley in the Senate after he continued to fight the election of Joe Biden after the Trump backers attacked the Capitol.



Hawley has been widely criticized for denouncing the election of Biden–closely allied with President Trump.  He asserts that he represents Missourians who feel the same way.  Hawley told the media his protest was to “make a point” knowing that he would lose the vote.