3000 masks to be presented to Chillicothe VFW and American Legion through “Mask-a-Vet” campaign


Missouri-based non-government organization United States Exercise Tiger Foundation will present 3,000 masks in six boxes to Chillicothe VFW and American Legion staff officers. The masks will arrive by aircraft to the Chillicothe Airport Wednesday, September 23rd at noon.

The Mask A Vet campaign began in August with the delivery of Missouri’s State Emergency Management Agency stockpiles to the U. S. Exercise Tiger Foundation. The foundation has since launched a statewide campaign to get every veteran and their family members masks in order to help prevent COVID-19 infection. The campaign is a partnership with the foundation and Missouri government.

The masks come five to a pack, are sealed by the U. S. Public Health Service, and can be reused after washing. They are free to all veterans.

The U. S. Exercise Tiger Foundation has distributed 50,000 masks to date via the VFW, American Legion, VA, and Vet Center as well as through walk ups or drive throughs. Wednesday, September 23rd’s mask delivery to Chillicothe will be the first in Livingston County.

The project carries the words “Task Force Tiger” on the boxes to honor the 206 Missouri soldiers killed April 28th, 1944 in Exercise Tiger, a pre-D-Day training mission that was attacked by German Navy warships.

Veterans and anyone wishing to help or get masks can call the foundation at 573-456-0529.