151 sign up for Green Hills Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge

One hundred fifty-one participants signed up for the 2017 Green Hills Wellness Challenge last week.

Sixty-six of those participants are returning from last year.

Twenty-two of those returning have a lower starting weight than at the opening of the 2016 challenge.

This year’s prize pool of $2250 was made up of the Grundy County Health Department’s donation of $1500 and a portion of each participant’s entry fee.

The prize pool money will be divided among all participants who lose ten percent or more of their initial body weight from the initial weigh-in.

A $300 maintenance prize was awarded to the individual who maintained the highest percentage of weight loss from last year.

Nicole Franklin won this year’s maintenance prize maintaining more than a 23-1/2 percent of weight loss from the initial weigh-in last year.

Individuals who maintained at least a ten percent weight loss from 2016’s challenge who weighed in this year were Brandy Knapp, Susanne Crawford, and Terri Holzclaw.

Anyone who signed up for the wellness challenge and did not receive a food and exercise journal should contact the health department.

Participants with completed journals at the end of the contest will be entered into a drawing for Ketcham Community Center memberships and Republican-Times subscriptions.

Hy-Vee’s Dietician Cindy Eivins will host a nutrition class at the health department January 30 at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Contact Health Educator Abby Oberman or Grundy County Health Department Administrator Elizabeth Gibson at 359-4196.