Grundy County Commission accepts bids for steel, culverts and fuel

Grundy County Commission Sign
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The Grundy County Commission accepted multiple bids on March 29th.

A steel bid was accepted from Oden Enterprises of Wahoo, Nebraska. There were different prices for different items.

Culvert bids were accepted from Owens Trenching of Laredo for plastic culverts and Metal Culverts of Maryville for metal culverts. There were different prices for the different types of culverts.

Fuel bids were accepted from Landes Oil and MFA for five cents off the pump price.

No bids were received for lumber.

After tabling mowing bids last week, the Grundy County Commission accepted a bid from Thane Denny on March 29th. The bid was $360 total for all areas to be mowed per mowing. Insurance was confirmed.

The commission also approved the Green Hills Regional Planning Commission providing maintenance of the 911 address system.

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