Wind on Sunday to elevate fire danger to “High” in northern Missouri

High Fire Danger

A very high danger of fire is expected on Sunday across all of northern Missouri, extending south to central Missouri.

Shortly after sunrise on Sunday morning, it is likely, in the 9 am to 11 am time frame, winds from the southwest will increase to around 20 to 30 mph, with occasional higher gusts. Winds will decrease around sunset.

Relative humidity values will drop to around 20 percent by mid to late morning on Sunday and will persist until sunset. Outdoor burning or any behavior that may inadvertently spark a fire on Sunday is strongly discouraged.  Don’t use your fire pit on unusually windy days, as the wind can make it hard to light the kindling and could blow sparks to surrounding brush or structures, potentially starting a fire.  Those who live in rural areas are advised not to burn trash.

The amount of moisture is expected to increase towards mid-week, setting the stage for showers and thunderstorms as a slow-moving cold front moves through the region.