Unemployment rate in Grundy County drops by 1% in May

Unemployment rate

The newest unemployment rate for Grundy County has come down by one percent when compared to the previous month. May is the latest month available from the state for the county unemployment numbers.

Grundy County this past May stood at 5.9%. (6.9% in April). That rate is based on a civilian labor force of 4,353 persons and 256 on unemployment. In May one year ago, the Grundy County rate was just over three percent (3.1%),

Other Green Hills region counties have May unemployment rates ranging from Mercer county at three-point nine up to Caldwell county with nine-point one percent. Area counties and their rates include Sullivan four percent; Livingston four point three; Harrison is at five point one; Daviess is at five-point four; Putnam six point one; and Linn County at six point seven percent.

Clinton County has the highest level of unemployment in northwest Missouri at 11,2%. Missouri’s average rate is nine point eight percent. There are 27 counties in the state with double-digit unemployment, meaning above ten percent. The counties with the highest unemployment are in southwest Missouri and include Taney County at 22% and nearby Stone County at 15-1/2%.