Two arrested in Buchanan County for auto theft in Grundy County

Auto Theft or Stolen Vehicle

The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrest of two individuals in Buchanan County Tuesday, October 27th on capias warrants.

Forty-four year old Bevan James Bohm of Kansas City is accused of violating his probation on the felonies of stealing—motor vehicle/watercraft/aircraft and stealing–$750 or more. His bond is $2,500, 10% cash approved.

Forty-nine-year-old Kellie Holtman of Saint Joseph is accused of failing to appear on felony stealing—motor vehicle/watercraft/aircraft and misdemeanor stealing. Her bond is $5,000, 10% approved.

Bohm and Holtman are scheduled for Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court on November 12th.

Court documents accuse them of working in concert with each other in January in appropriating a 2013 Dodge Avenger owned by Patricia Calivere and appropriating the property by means of deceit and with the purpose to deprive her. They are also accused of appropriating several pairs of shoes, two sets of car keys and electronic remotes, personal identification of Calivere, a clasp type wallet, and a personal checkbook belonging to Calivere, with a value of at least $750, without consent and with the purpose to deprive her.

Grundy County Prosecuting Attorney Kelly Puckett calls Bohm a prior and persistent offender. Bohm is punishable by a sentence to an extended term of imprisonment, in that he was convicted in Buchanan County Circuit Court in November 2005 of felony possession of a controlled substance, in May 2006 of felony distribution/delivery/manufacturing a controlled substance, and in December 2015 of felony burglary—second degree.