Trenton sales tax receipts down slightly in first half of fiscal year

Sales Tax

Trenton city sales tax receipts in the first half of this fiscal year are down one percent for parks and fire department purposes, and down less than one percent for general purposes and capital projects. The receipts are compared to the same period a year ago which encompasses May through October.

Trenton city sales tax revenues this fiscal year total more than $391,000 for general purposes, nearly $196,000 for capital projects, more than $181,000 for parks, and nearly $91,000 for firefighting equipment, training, and services.

Revenue from Trenton’s transportation sales tax is nearly $135,000 in the first half of this fiscal year. Income from the transportation sales tax started coming in last November and since then, slightly over $241,000 has been received. The transportation sales tax is to be collected in Trenton for ten years. The money goes towards the local share to replace the 17th Street Bridge but can be used for other street improvement projects once payments are completed for the local portion of the 17th Street Bridge replacement costs.