Trenton Marching Festival announces winners in Saturday competition

Trenton Marching Festival 2018

St. Joseph Central received the top score in the Field Show Competition and Savannah scored the most points in parade judging Saturday in the Trenton Marching Festival. As a result, St. Joseph Central received the Hannaford Trophy with Savannah winning the Festival Staff Award.

Entries were divided into classes based on band sizes with St. Joseph central achieving the highest ranking among the 18 bands receiving points in field show judging. North Kansas City was the runner-up in the field show competition. St. Joseph Central and North Kansas City both were in class five.

The first place bands in the other classes of Field Show judging, from smallest to largest, were North Harrison, Scotland County, Brookfield, and Savannah.

The first place finishers among the 18 entries in Field Auxiliary, from the smallest to the largest classes, were North Harrison, Scotland County, Brookfield, Grandview, with a tie between Kirksville and St. Joseph Central. Grandview achieved the overall best score in Field Auxiliary competition.

Eighteen bands received points in the parade evaluations with Savannah tapping the overall top score with Hallsville the runner-up. Savannah was the only band in class four while Hallsville was the only band in class three of the parade evaluations. The other first-place finishers were Green City in class 1-A, Princeton in class one, and Putnam County in class two.

Nineteen schools received points in the Indoor Color Guard competition with Grandview and Kirksville tieing for the most points. Grandview was in class four and

Kirksville in class five. Others finishing in first place, by class, were North Harrison, Worth County, and St. Joseph Lafayette.

There were 12 entries in the Indoor Drumline competition with St. Joseph Central placing first and Kirksville second in points scored, both in class five. Other first-place finishers, by class, were Moravia, Iowa, Putnam County, St. Joseph Benton, and Grandview.

Trenton entered all of those events on an exhibition basis and was not eligible for rankings during the 22nd annual Marching Band Festival.

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