Trenton Park Board addresses lengthy agenda including shelter house, stump removal and pool

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board on March 3rd approved a bid for tree stump removal as well as actions involving the Van Meter shelter house and the swimming pool. The 2021-2022 budget was also reviewed.

The approved stump removal bid was from Perkins Dozing of Jamesport for $200 per stump. Another bid was submitted from Custom Tree Care of Kansas City for $1,975 for 10 stumps.

Park Board Member Curtis Crawford said he wanted to go with someone local. Park Superintendent David Shockley noted both bids involved grinding the stumps.

The board approved removing the Van Meter shelter house and looking into a replacement for it.

The vote came after Park Board President Duane Helmandollar explained the shelter house’s fiberglass roof was demolished in a hail storm. A fence has been put around it to prevent someone from getting hurt.

Helmandollar suggested tearing it down to get rid of the liability and start looking for an alternative. He intends to have something put in place of the shelter house.  Shockley noted the Park Department could tear down the building.

The board approved going out for bid on a mat under the diving board at the swimming pool to not exceed $6,500.

Park Board Vice President Andy Cox reported the Pool Committee discussed a few falls that had happened around the diving board in recent years. He said the insurance company suggested putting a mat under the diving board. The committee would want the mat to be installed by the time the pool opens.

Helmandollar said he fully intends for the Trenton Family Aquatic Center to open this year. The aquatic center did not open last year due to the pandemic and not enough lifeguards.

The Park Department will advertise for a pool manager, assistant manager, and lifeguards. Applications are to be available at the Trenton City Hall.

The board looked at a list of projects to potentially be included in the 2021-2022 park budget. The list included projects at the pool, the Park Shop Building, and Moberly, Gladeys Grimes, Burleigh Grimes, Van Meter, and Eastside parks. The total estimated cost of the projects was $57,990.

Helmandollar noted the list would be altered to include the estimated cost of the Van Meter shelter housework.

The board was also given a preliminary budget to look at before the next meeting when a vote is expected. Total projected expenditures totaled $554,415.55, and projected revenues totaled $529,600.

Crawford reported the Facilities Committee reviewed agreements with North Central Missouri College and other groups. He said a Green Hills Recreation Association agreement will likely be ready for review at the next meeting.

Shockley and Gary Schuett reported Sesquicentennial Park has been cleaned up.

Schuett said he reinstalled ultrasonic meters to keep away birds from the trees in the park. He thought the birds had gotten used to the meters last year, and he took them down for the winter.

Shockley mentioned the Park Department will likely start mowing at Sesquicentennial Park next week.

Shockley reported the Park Department is preparing the Griffin and Johnson ball fields for play. Electricity has been turned on, the Ebbe bathroom has been opened and cleaned, leaves have been vacuumed out of the fences, and batting cages have been installed.

Electricity and water have also been turned on at Burleigh Grimes.

Shockley added the Park Department has helped with snow removal at the safety complex, airport, walking trail, Eastside parking lot, Rock Barn area, and upper and lower Moberly parking lots.

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