Trenton Municipal Utilities offers tips during cold weather to keep pipes from freezing

Trenton Municipal Utilities

The city of Trenton and Trenton Municipal Utilities are offering some reminders during the extremely cold weather.

With below freezing rigid temperatures, supply pipes, and also the pipes in customer’s homes, are more susceptible to breaking. When water mains freeze or burst, it can create a lot of problems. Frozen pipes can also create a big headache for homeowners, especially if people are going out of town for a period of time, they should keep an eye out for their pipes.

Here are a few tips to help decrease the risk of frozen pipes:

• Double-check outdoor spigots to make sure they are turned off.
• Insulate pipes near basement windows and in unheated areas like crawl spaces, garages, and attics.
• Leave some heat on in unused areas of your home.
• If you go out of town for a few days, keep your thermostat on at least 55 degrees and open any cabinets where sink plumbing is against an outside wall.
• If you’re leaving town for the winter, have your home and pipes professionally winterized.