Trenton man pleads guilty to bad checks; Spickard man waives preliminary hearing on sexual abuse allegation

Crime and Courts

Rural Trenton resident Jerry Urick, on a plea agreement in the Associate Division of Grundy County Circuit Court, has been sentenced, fined, and placed on probation in connection with bad checks from late last year.

Urick on Tuesday pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor counts of passing bad checks. Five other counts were dismissed according to the plea agreement. Urick was sentenced to one year at the Grundy County Detention Center; however, the execution of that sentence was suspended, and Urick was placed on one-year probation with North Missouri Court Services.

Besides Urick receiving fines totaling $800, he was ordered to donate $300 to the Law Enforcement Restitution Fund, and pay court costs. Associate Circuit Judge Steve Hudson noted, as of Tuesday, the restitution amount was at $2,341; however, he wrote that additional bad checks were being turned in, so the anticipated final amount for restitution would be greater but less than $5,000. The court allowed payments for the fines, the donation, court costs, and restitution are to be taken from a probate case assignment.

Spickard resident Juan Gallegos waived a preliminary hearing in the Associate Division of Circuit Court on two counts of alleged sexual abuse in the first degree from May 1st of 2020. The case was bound over to the March 11th docket for Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court. Gallegos has been held in jail without bond.