Trenton Economic Development Committee to recommend public vote on hotel/motel bed tax issue

Trenton, Missouri

Members of the city councils’ Economic Development and Administrative committees met separately Tuesday evening at the Trenton City Hall.

Information provided by City Administrator Ron Urton shows the Economic Development Committee is recommending a public vote next year on a hotel/motel bed tax issue at Trenton. The recommendation that’s to be presented to the full city council involves a proposed five percent tax. The spring election is April 7th.

Urton said he committee also voted to advance a draft brochure to the full city council. What’s called a tourism brochure is designed to promote activities and attractions in and around Trenton.

Members of the Administrative Committee discussed a rental agreement on the city of Trenton land that is used in raising crops. Urton said the committee voted to have the city attorney research common row crop rental agreements and draft a potential agreement for review at the December 10th meeting of the administrative committee.

Urton also reported the committee voted to recommend a written policy in not allowing the city to place any specialty signs. Requests for street signs, in the recent past, have been considered by the police chief and street supervisor.

Both committees had quorums in attendance with three council members for the Economic Development Committee and four council members for the administrative committee. Each committee had two other councilmen, city officials, and others present.