Trenton City Council to look at hiring “replacement contractor” for 17th Street Bridge project

17th Street Bridge

At Monday nights’ closed session for legal purposes, the Trenton City Council voted eight to nothing to authorize the city administrator to execute an agreement with what he called “a replacement contractor” to install the temporary shoring for the 17th Street Bridge project.

Administrator Ron Urton said this action would be taken only if the Boone Construction Company continues to fail to perform the work. Urton also stated the dollar amount of such an agreement with another possible contractor would be announced at the time a contract is executed.

City officials have said work on the 17th Street Bridge project stopped in July. The city council has held several closed sessions for legal purposes since then. That portion of 17thStreet has been closed since spring when the old bridge was removed. Financing of the project involves multiple sources including the Union

Pacific Railroad, Department of Transportation, community development block grant from the state, and the Trenton transportation sales tax.