Trenton City Council to hold public hearing on property tax rates

City of Trenton

The Trenton City Council holds a public hearing August 22nd on the proposed Trenton city property tax levy.

The proposed levy totals nearly $1.11 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation. The amount is nearly two cents higher than last year.

The levy breakdown shows slightly over 93 cents on the 100 dollars of assessed valuation going to the general fund and slightly over 17 cents on the 100 dollars to parks.

It’s estimated those rates would produce about $475,000 for the general fund and $88,500 for parks.

Assessed valuation at Trenton totals nearly $54,207,000. That’s down $640,000 compared to last year. Personal property assessed valuation is down over $667,000. The local railroad and utility category is down more than $85,000. Real estate assessed valuation is up nearly $113,000.

Actual assessed valuation figures at Trenton show real estate at about $34, 292,000, personal property at nearly $17, 364,00 and local railroad and utilities at nearly $2,551,000.

New construction is listed at $239,000. Estimated revenue derived from new construction at the proposed rate is slightly over $2,600.

The public hearing regarding the city of Trenton property tax rate is the night of August 22nd at 7 o’clock at Trenton City Hall.