Trenton City Council completes financing on water treatment plant improvements

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The Trenton City Council Monday night adopted two ordinances and accepted three bids.

Financing is complete on $2,500,000 to make improvements at the Trenton water treatment plant. The council voted six to nothing to enter into a lease-purchase transaction with Central Bank of the Midwest at Kansas City as the lessor and Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities of Columbia as the administrator. The interest rate on a ten-year loan is two point two six (2.26%) percent.

Utility Director Ron Urton said the first project to receive bids involves the reservoir pump station piping. Others are upgrades to deteriorating areas of the clarifier basins and the river pump station piping. Urton noted the engineers’ revised budget for the projects are within the money being financed. Payments are to be made twice a year April and October. The principal plus interest and administrators fee makes the total cost of the lease-purchase at more than two million 847 thousand dollars. ($2,847,680)

On a six to nothing vote, the Howe Company was hired for engineering work on the replacement of water mains on portions of five streets. These are East 10th Street, Lord Street, Oklahoma Avenue, Kerfoot, and East 16th streets. This area was listed by Utility Director Urton as the first project in a five-year plan to upgrade the water distribution system and improve capacity for fire protection. Some lines were described as dead-end and others were only two-inch lines. The Howe Company will be paid $40,000 for design and bidding services as well as construction administration.

The council voted 6 to 0 to have a Kansas City company install lining inside sewer mains from Normal Street to the east of Park Lane. Urton explained many pipe joints are deteriorating and this company can clean the pipe and use a type of liner material on the joints needing repair. The council went with the low bid from Insituform for $330,611.

Kenny Ricketts of TMU noted this company has previously worked on three projects in Trenton. Urton said money for this work will come from the $560,000 in federal money the city has received through the American Rescue Plan Act. Part of those funds goes to pay for a new and larger water line to the sewer project – a project that began on Monday.

The council voted to proceed with the purchase of a digger derrick truck for Trenton Municipal Utilities – although the company noted in their bid, that the delivery may be three years from now. The 47-foot truck will be purchased for $255,694from Altec Industries of St. Joseph. The purchase is to include with next years’ TMU budget.

Mutter Farms of Cairo was hired to haul approximately nine thousand tons of sand from the Norris Quarry sand plant north of Mount Moriah to the Trenton street department. The total cost, at $7.50 per ton, is $67,500.

Six members of the council participated in Monday night’s meeting. In-person at city hall were Dave Mlika and Danny Brewer. On zoom were Lance Otto, John Dolan, Marvin Humphreys, and Robert Romesburg along with Mayor Linda Crooks. Absent were Duane Urich and Kevin Klinginsmith.

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