Trenton Chamber of Commerce to consider airport building for new location

Trenton Chamber of Commerce

The administrative committee of the Trenton City Council has given its consensus to allow officials with the Trenton Chamber of Commerce and state license office to consider re-locating to part of a vacant building at the airport.

The site most recently was the location of Green Hills Animal Nutrition which made pet treats. With unpaid rent for many months, the company was evicted from the premises. After a period of time expired, locks also were changed on the city-owned building.

City Administrator Ron Urton said Chamber and license bureau representatives were to join Building Inspector and Airport Manager Donnie Vandevender to look at the front part of the airport building and determine whether it now, or after possible modifications, can meet requirements for the Grundy County license fee office. He also indicated they’re looking at the site to see if it could accommodate a Chamber of Commerce office.

The longtime chamber and license bureau at 617 Main was heavily damaged in the Monday fire downtown that destroyed two businesses next to the chamber. Chamber President Debbie Carman has told KTTN that nothing was removed from the chamber and license bureau during the fire or afterward.

Any agreement regarding renting the airport building would need to be presented to the Trenton City Council for action.