Trenton Utility Committee to consider replacement of aging substation transfomers

Trenton Utility Committee

Trenton’s Utility Committee has given its endorsement to moving forward with a plan to replace aging transformers at three substation locations in Trenton.

Utility Director Ron Urton reported committee members Tuesday evening discussed the age and current condition of the transformer; before deciding to inquire on the cost of purchasing a refurbished transformer and its installation.  If the plan proceeds, then one of Trenton’s used transformers could be sent off to be re-built. Then, when it comes back to Trenton, the plan would involve sending another used transformer to be re-built.

Whether the replacement plan proceeds will be subject to TMU officials obtaining estimates on the costs and review of finances for the electric department. The main transformers are rated at ten thousand kilovolt amperes each with upgraded ratings that could go to 14,000 KVA because of forced air cooling used in the summer. KVA is a measure of the power in an electrical circuit.

The committee was told each of the main transformers is more than 40 years old. The diesel plant transformer on West Crowder Road was manufactured in 1971.

The transformers for the north substation on Industrial Drive and the south substation near 1st and Johnson Drive were manufactured in 1974. The average life span of a transformer was reported to be 25 years. The utility committee was told the transformers have lasted more than 40 years because they are not loaded to capacity.

Urton stated the transformers, while old, are not in any immediate danger of going bad.