Trenton Chamber of Commerce radio auction to be held Saturday, December 3

The Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce conducts its annual radio auction on KTTN FM this Saturday, December 3 as a fundraiser.

Volunteers will take over the announcing duties and answer the phone when the auction is on the air.

Debbie Carman is president of the Chamber of Commerce:

Chamber 1

Items and certificates will be sold to the highest bidders. A list of the items to be auctioned can be viewed at the website or seen in the Republican Times on Thursday.

Chamber 2


Rick Hull and Ralph Boots will be the auctioneers. Other volunteers from the chamber will answer the phone calls and process payments for certificates that are purchased. All proceeds go to the chamber of commerce:

Chamber 3


The chambers’ auction begins after the 8:30 sports Saturday morning.

KTTN FM is donating the air time to allow the chamber of commerce to conduct the auction.