Trenton Building and Nuisance Board addresses 10 properties at Monday meeting

Trenton Building and Nuisance Board

The Trenton Building and Nuisance Board Monday evening addressed ten properties of concern including three new locations.

Declaration of a nuisance was approved at 200 West 7th Street, 212 West 7th Street, and 1011 Custer Street. Each will be on the agenda for next months’ meeting of the board.

Following a public hearing, 1312 Gilmore was moved to the category called “findings of fact.” A house at 511 East 9th Street was advanced to a certificate of existence of a dangerous building. Building Inspector Donnie Vandevender reported certificates of a dangerous building have been filed on seven other locations.

Three extensions were authorized giving property owners more time since progress has been shown. These are at 802 Grant (30-day extension), 812 Grant (90 days) and 437 West Crowder Road (60 days).

A building at 1409 Lulu was removed from the list once the owners signed a letter of intent to participate in the demolition program next year. Also removed from consideration was 1609 Bolser after requested work there has been done. However, Vandevender noted the address could be placed back on the nuisance list unless the owners have the location cleaned up.

Six members of the building and nuisance board attended the meeting.

Members also made recommendations after reviewing asbestos abatement bids and the list of four structures to be taken down in the housing demolition program.

Police Chief Rex Ross, in providing a nuisance summary, said 208 reports have been followed up year to date. Ross noted 31 remain active, 50 face prosecution, and 127 have been cleared with15 nuisance cases on the municipal court docket.