Trenton High School students hold mock election

I voted stickers

Students enrolled in classes in the social studies department at Trenton High School participated in a mock election Friday.

There were 192 votes cast for President with Republican Donald Trump receiving 136, Democrat Hilary Clinton 23, Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle 14, Libertarian Gary Johnson 13, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein 6 votes.

Write-in candidates were not an option.

In percentages, Trump received 70.8%, Clinton 12%, Castle 7.3%, Johnson 6.8%, and Stein 3.1%.

No materials containing information on the candidates, amendments, or proposition were distributed to the students by the teachers before they voted.

Students in classes taught by Brandon Boswell, Vince Fender, and Lysander Overstreet of Trenton High School social studies department were eligible to vote.