Spiritual retreat for military Veterans offered in St. Louis

White House Jesuit Retreat

White House Retreat in St. Louis will host their third annual Veteran’s Spiritual Retreat this summer. 

The 3-day event, running June 28 – 30, is offered to men and women who served in the U. S. Military and features a series of spiritual talks, small group discussion, quiet time for personal prayer and meditation, non-denominational prayer services and fellowship. The retreat will be directed by Fr. James Conroy, S.J., a Vietnam era Veteran and Jesuit priest. Veterans of all faiths are welcome to attend.

The retreat will help veterans focus on their military experience and how God was with them and continues to be with them. It digs into trauma created by PTSD and guilt and shame that can accompany the military experience.

White House offers this retreat, which includes private overnight accommodations and all meals, at a very minimal cost. The only charge for those attending is a $25 deposit to reserve a space. White House holds various fundraising events throughout the year to help offset the cost of hosting this retreat and sees this event as a way to give back to those who served our country.

Up to 88 Veterans can attend the retreat. Last summer, 56 Veterans attended this retreat. This year, White House Retreat hopes to fill all 88 spaces with Veterans. Registration is currently open. Those interested can call 314-416-6400 or visit whretreat.org/veterans-retreat.

White House Retreat is located at 7400 Christopher Drive, St. Louis, MO 63129. They offer spiritual retreats and recovery retreats on their 80-acre campus along the banks of the Mississippi River year round. They are a registered 501 C(3) non-profit and have been in operation continuously since 1922.