So far, April, 2020 cooler and wetter than average

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It’s been cooler and wetter than average in April of 2020 this year in Trenton.

Temperatures have averaged approximately five degrees below normal for highs and around three degrees below normal for lows. Highs have averaged slightly over 57 degrees this month. A reading of 81 was recorded on April 7th with an 84-degree reading taking place on April 8th. There have been no highs in the 70s so far during the month of April. On the other end of the scale, the high on April 3rd in Trenton was just 35.

Lows have dipped into the upper 20s five times this month, including Monday, April 13th through Wednesday morning, April 15th.

Rain and melted precipitation during April in Trenton have totaled 2.9 inches, which is above normal for this point in the month. However, the average for the entire month of April is 3.59 inches, so Trenton is nearly seven-tenths below that amount.