Several file for positions on area boards and governing bodies that require no election

Elections (Vote or Voting)
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Some governmental jurisdictions in Grundy County will forgo an election on April 5th. That is because of a law that allows them to go without an election when the number of candidates is equal to the number of positions to be filled. The candidates will assume the responsibilities of their offices at the same time and in the same manner as if they had been elected.

Four school districts serving Grundy County meet this criteria with each having two candidates file for two open board member positions that will last three years. For the Grundy County R-5 School District, Opie Peterson and Allen Berry filed. For Laredo R-7, Kristi Urich and Angela Lowrey filed. For the Pleasant View R-6 Board, Danny Westcott and Laurie Frisbie filed. For Jamesport Tri-County R-7, Jennifer Leigh Simons and Micha Dixon filed.

Two cities in Grundy County will forgo an election on April 5th. For Laredo, Carol Holloway filed for a two-year term as mayor, Helen Golden and Bruce McFie filed for two-year terms as aldermen at large, and Amanda Tobias filed for a one-year unexpired term for alderman at large. Two candidates filed for two-year terms as aldermen at large for Galt: Lewis Berry and Jay Blackburn.

Three fire protection districts serving Grundy County will not have an election because the same number of candidates filed as there were positions. Loren Baugher filed for the Galt Fire Protection District Board, Jason Eckert filed for the Laredo Fire Board, and Lewis Griffin and Don Marrs filed for the Spickard Fire Board.

Water district boards not having names printed on a ballot will include Grundy County Public Water Supply District Number 1 with Gary Whorton for Sub-District Number 1 and Lynn Dustman for Sub-District Number 5. Linn-Livingston Water Sub-District Number 4 had one person file for a three-year term: Jerry Norman.

Other jurisdictions forgoing an election on April 5th include the Grundy County Nursing Home District with James Cox and James Bush filing for three-year terms on the Board of Directors. For the North Central Missouri College Board of Trustees, Chris Hoffman and Diane Lowrey filed.

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