See a true piece of handmade history at the Grundy County Museum

wagon wheel quilt

A recent donation by Jim Brown, Downey CA, returned a locally made quilt to Grundy County after a 100-year absence. This quilt, created in 1915, was made by members of the Edinburg and Trenton ME Churches. Measuring 51” x 73” with a 24” skirt, the quilt has 24 blocks with a wagon wheel design and the spokes are the names of 384 people living in the community at that time.

According to Mr. Brown, Wagon-Wheel quilts were often made as fundraisers. Each person would pay to have their name sewn into a block and the finished quilt would then be auctioned to finance a local project. The quilt is now on display at the museum as part of this year’s featured exhibit, Grundy County Artists, and Art. The exhibit includes over 250 paintings, drawings, and sculptures.

The museum is open 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm weekends and holidays. Admission is free to children 12 and under and $2.00 to adults.