Rear parking lot at Trenton Middle School reopens

Trenton R-9 School District
The Trenton Middle School rear (north) parking lot has re-opened to the public today, Thursday, August 4th. 
The parking lot has a new, improved design that will incorporate two, ONE-WAY lanes, that enter from the old entrance (ENTRANCE ONLY), and exit onto Oklahoma Avenue with the new exit (EXIT ONLY). The parking lot will be one-way with one entrance and one exit – all day, everyday.
During the times of 3:00 to 3:30, Monday thru Friday, the exit will be right-turn only to allow for smooth traffic flow during after-school pickup. Car riders will be able to get to their parents/guardians vehicles via the sidewalk and/or the new walkway. Parents/Guardians are asked to not park in the spaces or along the street when picking up their child. Use one of the two lanes to pickup and then proceed to the new exit, and then turn right on to Oklahoma Ave.
TMS administrators and teachers will be guiding traffic after school to help parents learn the new system.