Burleigh Grimes Field main topic of Trenton Park Board meeting

City of Trenton

At a meeting Wednesday evening, the Trenton Park Board approved user agreements for North Central Missouri College and the Trenton R-9 School District to use Burleigh Grimes baseball field.

The agreements still need to be presented to the college and the school district for their approval, and it’s possible the agreements still could be modified.

The user agreements are to offset some of the park department’s maintenance and utility costs at Burleigh Grimes. The agreements call for the college and school district to pay the irrigation bills, with the college to pay two-thirds and the school district one-third of those costs.

The park department is to continue paying electric costs, which park superintendent Jason Shuler described as nearly the same as the water bills.

North Central Missouri College is to be responsible for marking the field when it uses it, and the park department is to help with the field marking for Trenton R-9.

The college and school district each are to be charged two-thousand dollars annually for the field usage in the agreement that is to last two years.

Although the college is expected to use Burleigh Grimes Field more than the Trenton R-9 School District, the field marking done by the park department for the school district is among the factors for the user fee to be the same.

Board member Curtis Crawford described watering costs as huge.

Board President Duane Helmandollar said there was a month when the Burleigh Grimes water bill was as great as filling the swimming pool. He said a large amount of water is used, and indicated the college wanted more watering than the park department thought necessary.

In other action, the park board approved a request from Community Action Partnership of North Central Missouri to use the walking trail area for a fundraiser October 22nd.

A five kilometer “Zombie Run” is to be held on that date.

The Trenton Park and Street Departments have worked on correcting drainage problems at Moberly Park near the basketball courts. The project is to continue when a fabric material arrives, with rock also still needing to be placed on the site.

At one time, the estimated cost to correct the drainage problems were estimated around six thousand dollars, that figure has now been reduced to one thousand to two thousand dollars.

Park Superintendent Jason Shuler said the Trenton Family Aquatics Center continues to operate very well. The pool is scheduled to close for the season the evening of August 14th since lifeguards return to school August 17th.

Spraying is to be done along the multi-purpose trail in the preparation of trail maintenance this Fall, however, maintenance could be moved up.

Superintendent Shuler said Colton Hamilton did a good job power washing and staining and sealing both scoring booths as well as the shelter house at Ebbe Sports Complex. The work was an Eagle Scout Project.

Board member Gary Schuett is to work with the Department of Conservation on a tree plan for Moberly Park. Schuett indicated a lot of work is anticipated this Fall to trim and take down trees which need to be removed. He also mentioned a desire to seek grant funds for trees.