Rachael Rongey named as 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

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Rachael Rongey has been selected by the Trenton R-IX Board of Education as the 2021-2022 District teacher of the year. Rachael is the 5th grade Science teacher and has been teaching for 16 years and in Trenton for eight years.

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Rachael Rongey – Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Rongey uses instructional methods that intrigue and inspires her students. One of her most successful strategies is utilizing the “whole brain” teaching method which maximizes student engagement by focusing on mirroring words and actions. Mrs. Rongey’s students enjoy being in her class because she acknowledges their individuality and purposefully addresses their needs.

Mrs. Rongey’s hard work, dedication to each individual student, and partnership with peers and the community make her deserving of this honor. The students are lucky to have Mrs. Rongey at Trenton Middle School and the Trenton R-IX School District.


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