Princeton faces rise in natural gas costs

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The Princeton City Council has been told the city will be facing an increase in natural gas transportation costs, possibly as early as this year.  The specific amount has not been announced, although City Clerk Danette Snapp said it possibly could be up to 110 percent.

At this week’s meeting, the council decided not to charge approximately 1/2 of the cost of a water bill experienced by Circle S Motel.  No leak was found, and a water meter was replaced, after a bill in excess of $1,000 was charged.  Approximately $500 of that bill will not be charged.

The Princeton Council did not approve a request from Bristol Manor for some forgiveness on a water bill, due to a leaky stool in a vacant apartment.  The water usage was about 48,000 gallons above normal.  The amount of the bill in question was not immediately available.

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