Polo man injured after running off road, striking car in post office parking lot

Traffic Accident

The Highway Patrol reports a Polo man sustained minor injuries as the result of a sports utility vehicle running off the road and hitting a car in the post office parking lot in Polo Thursday morning, August 4th.

Emergency medical services took the driver of the car, 70-year-old Billy Helton, to Liberty Hospital. No injuries were reported for the driver of the SUV, 19-year-old Sydney Harris of Columbia.

The SUV traveled west on Highway 116 before reportedly crossing the center of the road, running off the south side of the road, and going into the post office parking lot. The car was parked in the parking lot, and the SUV hit the front of the car.

The car received minor damage, and the SUV had no damage. Harris wore a seat belt, but Helton did not.